Recommended Polynesian Tattoo Books and Reviews

As many of you guys are quite interested in Polynesian tattoo and request more deep information about this mythical culture, I’ll recommend some classical books for you.

First let us introduce Tricia Allen. What I know is that Tricia Allen has tattooed over 11,000 people and is definitely an expert of Polynesian tattoos. At the same time, she’s also an expert of Polynesian art form. She have completed extensive study on the history and the revival of Polynesian arts. For years, she’s been making lots of permanent tattoos on people. She has plenty of knowledge on Polynesian tattoo culture and history.

Below are two books from her.

First one is “The Polynesian Tattoo Today“.

Front Cover of The Polynesian Tattoo Today

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This book provides a lot of knowledge on the subject and contains a lot of interesting pictures that present some of the amazing art done by professionals, accompanied by short captions with information on the cultural style. The artists mentioned in this book are all top experts, whose contact information are also included. It has great reviews from the readers.

If you are not only interested in Polynesian tattoos but also tribal or Hawaii tattoos, the book “Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii” is recommended and it’s also written by Tricia Allen.

Front Cover of "Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii"

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Next book is “Tattoos from Paradise: Traditional Polynesian Patterns“.

Front Cover of "Tattoos from Paradise: Traditional Polynesian Patterns"

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This book is quite a good reference for any Polynesian tattoo fan and enthusiast. It illustrate over 250 drawings of native people. Most of the drawings are in Maori style and a few ones in other styles. It also describes the actual process and ceremonies.

The last book is “The POLYNESIAN TATTOO Handbook“.

Front Cover of "The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook"

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This book is recommended for people who do not know much about Polynesian tattoo. It helps reader to have a fast learning about Polynesian culture and tattoo symbols. The content includes a brief introduction of Polynesian tattoo history and symbols. It also introduces positioning the elements, step by step creation process, examples and case studies. But according to the amazon customer reviews, you can also get these information on other sites.

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