Polynesian Tattoo Designs

We’ll constantly update this design gallery by collecting Polynesian Tattoo Designs from the internet.

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  1. hey i just want to know if i have to buy these designs to get it as a tattoo?

  2. hey there, i’m interested in the first tattoo design that you’ve shared. (this one –> http://www.apolynesiantattoo.com/wp-content/gallery/polynesian-tattoo-designs/suitable-for-armband-and-leg.jpg )

    but i’m curious about the symbol elements that combined in that design.

    So far i think that design consists an owl, a lizard (gecko), ocean elements, and turtle shells. is that it? or there’s more?

    • Sorry for my late reply. The owl’s eyes are two “ipu”. Its nose is combination of two tiki’s nose. And those banding patterns between ocean elements may be some characters.

  3. Was wanting to get a half sleeve. Curious if you guys do templates for that.

  4. pravin singh says:

    i want a tattoo below mah biceps!!cn u suggest me one !!i have been lookin all over ur designs…bt still m confuesed !!tattoo sud be meaning full!!will be a hugee help!!

  5. Hello

    I would like to get a polynesian Tattoo on my lower leg. Does anybody know a design that has family in it or love youre family??

    greetings from Holland,


  6. sascha martini says:

    hey guys! i found a design but have no idea about the meaning, can anyone help me with that?

  7. Hi guys it’s Randell & I wanted to get a half sleeve tattoo that means leadership,protector,& good lucky… So please help me

  8. Im super interested in this design. So far I spot a face ocean spear points turtle shell and a sun. Am I missing anything else?

  9. hello
    wanted to know if it is possible to make a design to continue my Polynesian Tattoo.
    the idea is to continue with the same theme.


  10. Kushalappa says:
  11. dan eric says:

    I’m currently interested in this design
    Can you please tell me what is the meaning of the center piece for the chest part? Thank you in advance

    • I’m not quite sure. It looks like kind of variation of “ipu”, which is symbolization of gourd. “Ipu” seems to symbolize birth and mother. The inner circle around it consists of turtle shells. The outer circle consists of shark teeth.
      This is all I know. Hope it will help you. :)
      Also, very sorry for my late reply because i’m busy on other stuff recently.

      • dan eric says:

        Thanks a lot.. I’ve been searching for too long what symbol that is.. Now i know that it is “ipu”.

  12. Here is a site that will work with you on your tattoo, based on your own Life story and you end up with template of a unique tattoo that is yours . Then when it’s done you take it to a artist .


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